One of the great features we have within VersionOne to help support Product Owners is the Release Forecasting tool.  This feature will allow you to forecast the completion date of your Release using as much data as you have available.  The data entered into the fields allows you to play out various “what-if” scenarios for your project.

Let’s take a look at a quick example:

My current project has 154 Story Points remaining and my team has been plugging away and averaging about 35 points of work per 2 week sprint.  By running the Forecasting tool, I can see there are 5 additional sprints needed to complete this work.  (See highlighted area on image)

Forecast showing team with velocity of 35

However, the team’s lead developer recently got a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Mt. Everest and will be gone for some time.  Therefore, the velocity will drop.  So, if I enter a new value into the velocity field and run the report again, I can see I am going to be way beyond the project delivery date. (See highlighted area on image)

Forecast showing team with velocity of 20

Additionally, the Remaining Estimate can have certain parameters set on it to constrain the value to items of a particular priority, feature group or status.

So, in my example above, I could run the report and just focus on the Estimate classified as high priority to see how long it would take to just get those items out.

By having this type of planning tool available, I am able to get a good prediction of the amount of work I can get into my project during a particular time frame.

Happy Planning!

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