We just got done moderating the latest webinar in the AgileLIVE series… “The Challenges and Rewards of DevOps.” The series started last week with Damon Poole, chief agilist at Eliassen Group. Damon did a really good deep-dive into What is DevOps? and we wrapped up today in Part 2 with Andy Powell and Ian Culling of VersionOne.

Here are some of the comments in my notes:

  • DevOps is inextricably linked to Continuous Deployment/Delivery/Everything.
  • DevOps automates and accelerates the build-test-deploy infrastructure.
  • DevOps reinforces that “working software in customers’ hands is the measure of DONE, not features that made it into the release.”
  • DevOps is a goal. You can’t just leap into it. It requires trust, people working closely together.
  • Ops often hears: “’Those dev cowboys’ want to deploy every minute of every day.” Ops is here to make sure nothing breaks in production. DevOps aligns ’em.
  • For DevOps to work, it is critical to have really good collaboration and trust between development and operations teams.

But the most interesting comment I heard came over the Q&A panel from an attendee:

“Is DevOps infecting Dev people with Ops thinking, or is it the other way around?”

What do you think? Whether you are already rolling with DevOps at your organization, or just trying to learn  what is DevOps… we’d like to hear your opinions.  If you want a copy of the recordings for AgileLIVE: The Challenges and Rewards of DevOps, simply post a comment here and we’ll send them.

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    • alex deborin

      Very interesting topic. I’d love to get a copy of the recorded webinar. Thanks.

      • Andrea Keeble

        Hi Alex! Glad you like it. I’m emailing Part 1 to you right now and will send Part 2 as soon as we render the recording. Enjoy!

    • Charlie Brown

      How is DevOps different from SAFe Agile’s continuous delivery? I would like to get your information on the session on DevOps.

      • Damon Poole

        Hi Charlie,

        First off, please say hi to Linus for me.

        DevOps, Continuous Delivery, and Continuous Deployment are all very closely aligned and share a very large common center. The differences are meaningful, but perhaps not all that important. For instance, Continuous delivery is the most end-to-end of the three, deployment focuses on being ready to deliver continuously but not actually delivering, and DevOps primarily focuses on the Dev-to-Ops part of the overall cycle. In the end, the focus of all of them is vastly reducing the complexity of getting working software out the door through multi-discipline alignment, coordination, and automation.

        Regarding the connection to SAFe, SAFe does link to continuous delivery, but continuous delivery is a concept that is independent of SAFe.

        If you are already familiar with continuous delivery from your study of SAFe, then you are familiar with continuous delivery in general.



    • Andrea Keeble

      Damon, Thanks for the thoughtful explanation.

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