Recently, I was discussing our burndown capabilities within VersionOne. A prospect was providing me some information about their workflow and how they create their stories. Their team does task out stories, but they don’t assign hours to those tasks. They prefer to get their stories as small as possible and burn down directly from those story points.

Due to this, the Sprint burndown chart was not showing any information. For our Sprint burndown chart to show data, we need remaining hours on a task. As stories are closed out and the hours left “To Do” are decreased, the burndown chart plots this. However, in the case of no hours, what’s a ScrumMaster to do? (Pun intended!)

VersionOne Reporting comes to the rescue here. One of the many reports we offer is a Project level burndown chart. Within that report, one of the filters you can choose is a particular sprint. By focusing on that one sprint, you can get a story point burndown chart. So, if your organization breaks down stories into tasks and tests but only to serve as reminders, then the Project level burndown chart is your friend. Couple this together with VersionOne’s ability to track estimate at the story level, task level or both, and you can see how we let organizations do agile their way!

Happy agile, everyone!

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    • Zakir Hemraj

      Currently, the burn down only “burns” when tasks get closed. Is there any way to set up a burn down chart that burns when tasks/stories move to a specific state i.e. Done or Accepted.

    • Brian Rieck

      I’m not seeing a way to get a story point burndown for a particular team however. It would be great to just be able to choose points vs hours in the sprint tracking burndown report.

    • Brian Rieck

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      • David Astor

        Hi Brian,

        Thanks for asking! Some of this depends on how you have your teams set up within VersionOne. If your teams are all on the same cadence and you are using the “Team” attribute in the system, you can use the Team as a filter on the Project level Burndown report. So in essence, you would have a filter for the sprint, and another one for the team.

        If, however, your teams are not on the same cadence, you possibly have those teams represented in the Project Hierarchy. In this case, you would need to select that level in the hierarchy to run your reports against.

        Feel free to contact us at for additional information.

    • Brian Rieck

      Thanks! I wasn’t in the right place and I see it now. Much better!

    • Fernando Avella

      Currently, the Project burn down report only “burns” when tasks get closed. Is there any way to set up a burn down chart that burns when tasks/stories move to a specific state i.e. Done or Accepted? that would be extremely beneficial. Right now my team has no way to see an effective burndown chart based on story points “done” (but not closed). Our team closes stories during demos/sprint reviews.


    • David Astor

      Hi Fernando,

      Thanks for the great question. The Project Burndown chart referenced in this posting is there to show the overall progress of the project as a whole. As Stories close out, and that estimate is removed from the total, that’s what drives this chart.

      While we don’t have a burndown chart based on status, the team can get all the progress information they need from the Sprint Burndown chart. This report tracks the hours remaining within the Sprint. Initially, it will plot an ideal line to show you the optimal slope for your teams to stay on track. As team members add in Effort and Burn down those hours, the “actual” line will be created on a daily basis. If the actual line is above the ideal line, your team may be slightly behind. If it is below the line, then the team is performing better than expected and may be able to finish all the work in the sprint.

      Additionally, your team may find value in the Cumulative Flow Diagram for the sprint. This will let you know how many items you have at each status on a daily basis. The areas on this chart will increase or decrease over time to show the total number of items in that status. So, near the end of the sprint, you should hopefully see more “Done” stories that stories “In Progress”.

      In the most recent update to VersionOne, TeamRooms now have their own Scorecards that can be exposed to let team members know where they stand in the sprint.

      Both of the graphs mentioned above are listed on that Scorecard to assist the team.

      Feel free to contact us at for additional information.

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