Okay so I lied, but since I have your attention, I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Mark Irvin and I am a developer and developer advocate at VersionOne. I’ve spent a good chunk of time helping customers use VersionOne integrations, APIs, and SDKs.

This blog post is the first in a string of posts that will allow me to get into the mental zones of all of you VersionOne users, help you learn more about leveraging VersionOne’s APIs and SDKs, and learn from you so that we can improve our products. This feedback loop is vital to the successful adoption and expansion of our integrations because, ultimately, we want to create development tools and APIs that you actually want to use to make our platform more valuable for you and the way your team works.

In the past seven years, one of our observations was that not only do developers use the API, but also directors, managers, testers, systems administrators, project managers, support team members, and some not-necessarily- IT-professionals need to extract data for reporting purposes. Our goal is to expand the audience that we originally considered, rewrite the documentation, simplify integrations, redesign some of our SDKs, and focus on facilitating access to our platform for users that fall within a wider range of tech skills. This effort will also include robust working samples in multiple languages and new blog posts on interesting ideas and features.

In order to better serve you, I’m going to need your help. Periodically, we’ll announce contests, giveaways, and testing efforts. For example, the VersionOne Quarterly Cool Hack, case studies, new API or Feature Beta Testing, and documentation ‘user’ testing. Our hope is that you’re an integral part of the evolution of VersionOne APIs and SDKs. I want you to be an active participant in one or more of these events. Your level of technical expertise is far less important than your willingness to be a part of contributing any idea or effort that could help me help you be more productive.

Feel free to leave suggestions and comments.


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