When we started out in the agile tools industry 10 years ago, everyone was practicing pure XP, pure Scrum and other pure agile methodologies. Of course we were also still using email to share photos, a cell phone was just a cell phone, and I had to ask someone where the ‘on’ button to my iPod Nano was.

Agile methodologies have evolved similarly. Teams have introduced components of other methodologies into pure methods to better suit their needs and turbo-charge their agile practices. Lean has become a popular choice for meeting these needs.

If you want to learn how Lean methods can enhance your agile practices, check out this presentation given at AgilePalooza New York City by Agile/Lean Coach Satish Thatte, PhD: “Turbo-Charging Agile Software Development with Lean Methods”

If you want to see more great presentations like this and learn agile software in a fun, collaborative way, join us this Friday at AgilePalooza Miami. Topics will include:

  • The Magic of User Stories
  • Start Your Team on the Path to Success

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