Today SD Times released an article with some great stuff on Microsoft’s Azure, covering the cloud platform’s versatility, what developers should expect, cloud type choices, the paths to Azure, how you can stay out of trouble with Azure, and a look into Estimably, VersionOne’s new mobile estimation game built on Azure.


Estimably, a product of a recent VersionOne Hack Week, was built on Azure.

In the article, VersionOne CTO Ian Culling discusses why developers should tune in to the Azure cloud platform:

“First, Azure streamlines/enables continuous deployment, and as a result, we have found that this really forces the DevOps discussion as the barriers between dev, test, staging and production are virtually non-existent. Second, Azure allows for greater focus on the code and less on the infrastructure. In comparison to other stacks, iteration-zero activities are much simpler due to the instant, no-effort infrastructure.”

VersionOne openAgile Team Lead Josh Gough summed up what he believes Microsoft is doing right for those who are not interested in being hemmed in to using just Microsoft products in their development:

“We have been able to quickly build, deploy, monitor and change applications because of the deep integration between Azure, Node.js and GitHub. We can commit a change to a staging branch in a GitHub repository in GitHub, and almost instantly the source-code changes propagate to our staging deployment slot in Azure. When smoke-tests pass, we simply push the changes from the staging branch to master, and the production site gets the same updates.”

What else should you know about Azure? See the full article here 

Learn more about VersionOne Estimably here.

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