So you have a number of super stories or features that must be broken down if they’re going to fit within an iteration.  You’ve created these Epics in Product Planning and assigned them to projects or releases, but…how do you rank them?

Whereas ranking for Epics in the list via drag-and-drop (as with Backlog Items) is currently not available (a technical constraint at the moment, not a defect), there are ways to order your list of Epics nonetheless, and using a combination of both approaches will yield the best results:

* Use Move to Project functionality

This would be particularly useful to move one or many items at-a-time to a relative position of rank:

  • Tick the checkbox for one or many Epics
  • Click on the Move to Project arrow, select Rank and then desired relative position in the list
Epic ranking through 'Move To Project' options

Rank Epics through Move To Project > Rank options

* Use Order control in the Epics grid

This would allow you to move an Epic at-a-time to an absolute position of rank:

  • Customize the Epics grid to display the Order column
  • Use the Order control to move Epics up the list
Epic ranking with Order control on grid

Rank Epics with Order control on the grid

Give some method to the madness – and rank your Epics with these approaches.

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