Sometimes connecting software teams and programs is difficult, especially when you add more people and more teams. Essential conversations have to happen or it just won’t work.

In case you missed the article in today’s Wall Street Journal, David “The Dude” Hussman of DevJam (well-known agility coach, instructor, and practitioner), will address best practices for agile collaboration in our next AgileLIVE webinar series on July 17th at Noon ET.

The Dude previews his AgileLIVE talk on Collaboration That Scales

In this quick preview video of his upcoming AgileLIVE talk, Hussman says the only thing large groups can do well together without good collaboration is a stadium wave.

We’re proud to host The Dude for our next AgileLIVE, entitled: “Collaboration That Scales.” This thought leadership series can help you connect teams and programs via essential conversations.

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