What’s the difference between teams and member groups? Test your knowledge with the scenarios below by choosing teams or member groups for each one.

1. You have a single team working on multiple projects. They would like to be able to organize their work across projects in a single place. This will allow them to know what they should work on first.

2. You manage a team of developers. They report to you across several Agile teams working on many different projects. You would like to be able to see the amount of work your developers are doing across the different projects.

3. As a project manager for a large project, you would like to be able to divide the work between multiple cross functional teams, but have a prioritized list for the project as a whole.

The answers:

1. Teams
2. Member Groups
3. Teams


Thanks for reading, and Go (Agile) Team!

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    • Chuck


      I have either been around you to long or I really get this, I got them all correct.


    • Mark Crowe

      To add on to the resources, there is a great description of the differences directly from the mouth (well, keyboard) of a knowledgeable customer in this VersionOne Discussion Group thread.

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