Agile development is change, and change is hard. Wouldn’t we all agree?

Agile leader and product manager Dave Moran said a couple of things in his recent reaction to our State of Agile Development Survey results which really struck me as interesting:

  • If you’re using agile development as a vehicle for software development improvement only, without really changing how the business specifies software features, you most likely won’t gain much ground on the speed-to-market front.
  • Adopting agile development might allow you to build a lot of features a little bit faster; but if you want speed-to-market, you need to figure out what not to build.
  • True change involves changes in mindsets and behaviors at all levels of the organization.

So true. Check out Dave’s blog post at or cruise the survey results yourself. I’ve also put together some additional resources which our customers have found useful in overcoming cultural challenges during the agile transition:

Selling Agile – How to Get Buy-In from Your Team, Customers and Managers (how to best sell agile in your organization)

Agile ROI Part I – The Business Case for Agility (the concept of agile business value and why companies are adopting agile)

Agile ROI Part II – Building the Business Case for Agility (a method for building a financial business case for agile adoption within your organization)

Creating and Scaling Blended Agile Teams (how to integrate agile practices into the overall organization with minimal disruption to day-to-day work)