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Notifications are nice, especially if you get in the zone and are knee deep in testing, coding or approving stories. VersionOne Lifecycle for Agile ALM has had notifications for quite some time, you could receive an email or you could check your inbox within Lifecycle.  Ah yes, let’s not forget the RSS feed, if you’re old enough to know what an RSS feed is.  Things are a chang’n and a company that has taken the chat client world by storm is Slack.  Slack is the number one requested chat client integration by far for Lifecycle.   We are listening and we are delivering Slack support starting with push notifications from Lifecycle to Slack using subscriptions.

Harnessing Subscriptions

The Slack notification feature uses existing Lifecycle subscriptions.  If a user already has subscriptions setup they are in great shape. Once they add the Slack configuration then they will automatically start receiving notifications in Slack. If you’re new to subscriptions they are located under the My Home menu. Let’s cover a few scenarios using subscriptions. As a product owner, I’d like to be notified in Slack when a story changes status.  Or, narrow it down to a certain status type such as “Ready to Accept.” As a scrummaster, I’d like to be notified when a new issue is created so that I can remove that impediment from my team. Finally, as a tester, I’d like to know when a story or test is updated to the “Ready for Test” status.  Lifecycle subscriptions are available for all the major assets. So I know you’re saying I have subscriptions, now what!?! That’s where Slack comes in!

Receiving Slack Notifications

Once a user has subscriptions in place setting up push notifications begins in Slack.  When configuring Slack you could choose to send to a channel or a person.  Slack will provide a link that is used in Lifecycle.  To provide that link to Lifecycle a member clicks on Push Notifications under their member menu.  Simply provide the name you’d like to use, the link and that’s it!  In no time you will see push notifications that resemble the example above. The notification will contain the action and actor, the asset title that includes a link back to Lifecycle, the asset ID and the subscription name that trigged the push. So go ahead, you know you want to set one up. We made that easy as well, view the setup directions. Not a Slack user, leave us a comment of what you are using.

What’s Next

We will continue to drive out features for Slack such as searching Lifecycle from Slack. We will also be launching push notifications for Microsoft Teams shortly. Be sure to check the release notes and look for in-app messages updates!  Always remember to post ideas to IdeaSpace or vote on ideas that you’d like to see in our products.

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