Getting a team, or lots of teams, practicing agile successfully takes a lot of _____ (you fill in the blank)…

I’m sure you can think of lots of answers here (maybe some profane??) because agile development is not an easy concept. To help folks simplify the transition to agile, SD Times put out an article last Thursday titled, “How to Get Your Agile Team onto the Field.” Author Lisa Morgan picked the brains of the world’s top agile lifecycle management (ALM) tool vendors to compile advice on:

  • Overcoming cultural resistance (individual attitudes)
  • Choosing the agile methodology: pure vs. hybrid?
  • Identifying impediments to productivity
  • Knowing when it’s okay to break the agile rules adapt
  • Training ins and outs

Check out her writeup. There’s a lot to learn there, no matter where you are in your agile adoption.