I’m working with a customer who needed to put their “as-is” product use cases into VersionOne Lifecycle. After looking at several options, we decided to use a combination of planning levels, portfolio items, and user stories to create the customer’s complete product use case repository.

They had a big need to be able to plan changes to the existing products to their company’s product direction roadmaps via the VersionOne Lifecycle roadmap planning capability.  This product content repository was setup using the flexible list types in VersionOne’s Projects, Portfolio Items, and User Stories.

  • Projects were setup with a use case repository planning level and separate display workspaces for the use case list types
  • Portfolio items were setup with a parent use case, and then conditions, courses (for normal and alternative), and additional details were setup
  • Backlog item types were used to track the normal and alternative types, business rules, assumptions, frequency of use, and exceptions

Use Case Repository Screenshot

The customer is now tracking changes to their as-is product in VersionOne Lifecycle. The teams know which products they are working on, as well a which teams they need to depend on and work with to deliver the value.

Key Benefits:

  • Ability to trace from the Change in the Use Case all the way to the delivery update
  • Team accountability from product definition to delivery
  • Collaboration using conversations and the community topics for process flow roadmapping
  • Cross-story relationship tracking between use cases and delivery using upstream and downstream dependencies
  • Ability to plan and execute on changes to the existing use cases on your VersionOne Lifecycle roadmaps
  • History tracking for all updates in one place
  • Integration from the use case to DevOps via VersionOne Continuum®

The teams have started using the VersionOne import to convert all of their existing use cases into the new format.  And future changes will include updates to use cases listed in the repository.

If you’re looking for ways to easily document your product use cases or scenarios, you should take a look at using a use case repository planning level and the existing assets that come standard in VersionOne Lifecycle.


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