With the latest Spring 2013 release we’ve introduced Web Panel Plugins to the TeamRooms.  The introduction of the Web panels allows the team to pull in the information that’s most important to them directly within the TeamRoom.  It’s up to the team what information they want to see in the room.  It could be something off-topic like a blog that helps them relax when they want to take a pause during the workday.  Or it could be something directly related like the status of the builds within their CI tool (see below).  Whatever the reason may be, Web panels is just another way that VersionOne allows agile teams to add their personalized touch within the application.



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    • Emir

      Does VersionOne provide an API for Team Rooms? We started using team rooms recently i can’t figure out what parameters i need to use in order to return all the stories within it. Maybe there’s a different way.

      Basically what i want is to get all the backlog stories as well as ones that are in the 4 swim lanes. I figured the easiest way to get to them is to filter by team room but can’t figure out how to do that.


      • Andrea Keeble

        Hi Emir, you may already have the answer by now, but I just received this response which might be helpful to your question about an API for the VersionOne TeamRoom:

        Yes! TeamRooms are first-class assets in VersionOne that are exposed through the Meta API like this: http://localhost/versionone/meta.v1/TeamRoom?xsl=api.xsl

        There is Scope attribute on the TeamRoom asset that gets you the project, and from that you can query on what is in that project’s backlog.

        Note that VersionOne is now on StackOverflow, which is a great place to get your development questions answered from a community of VersionOne developers: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/versionone

        Hope this helps!

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