On February 19th back in 1777, the Continental Congress, in what could only be described as bold and surprising move, intentionally snubbed Brigadier General Benedict Arnold for promotion to Major General and instead opted to bestow the honor upon five of Arnold’s junior officers.  The slight had enraged Arnold so much that later in 1780 he famously betrayed his country by attempting to hand over West Point to the British, setting him up to be forever known as one of the most famous traitors in American history.  Years later when questioned further about the snub, then President George Washington confided that “It was Benedict Arnold’s inherent misunderstanding of WorkItem and Epic Cycle Time that was ultimately to blame for his failure to be promoted.”

So, in effort to better ensure that our customers won’t share a fate similar to Benedict Arnold, we proudly present several new Analytics Workitem and Epic Cycle-Time and Time-in-Status reports.  With these new reports you will be able to truly understand and appreciate the amount of time in days that your epics and workitems are spending in their respective statuses as well as the cycle overall.  Not only that, but through use of the new scatter plot reports, you’ll be able to better understand and identify outliers and process issues.  In addition to these great features, we have also included in this point release several useful defect fixes.


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