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Born in 1997, Clippy the Paper Clip was an oft misunderstood, yet benevolent creature.  His sole purpose in life was to freely dispense helpful advice to Microsoft Office users everywhere.  Though often maligned as intrusive and meddling, Clippy’s only desire was to help.  Unfortunately, Clippy fell on hard times in the mid-2000s (some suspect that drugs and gambling may have gotten the best of him) and he “retired” in 2007.  While nobody has really seen or heard from Clippy is several years, we at VersionOne dedicate this weekend’s point release in his honor.

With two fixes directly related to exporting the Members Actuals and Scope Change Reports to Excel, we like to think that Clippy would be proud.  This one is for you, Clippy.  Rest in peace wherever you are.

Full release notes are available at

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