Unless you’ve managed to avoid looking at or listening to any calendars, TV, radio, print ads or children, you probably realize that there are only a few days left until Christmas.  And while some network news pundits have recently taken to vigorously debating the race and ethnicity of jolly old St. Nick, a quick search on Google will at least answer the question of where Santa Claus is from.

Now, even the smallest of children will gladly tell you that Santa comes from the North Pole, but more precisely it seems that Mr. Claus’ official hometown is Rovaniemi; the Finnish city in the Lapland region where the reindeer roam free. So, in honor of Santa Claus and his Finnish heritage, we at VersionOne are pleased to announce the release of the latest Fall ’13 point release. 

In this release, we have fixed an issue in the Datamart Loader that caused ETL failures when loading the Dim.Date table in Finland.  And while it’s good to know that Santa will now be able to successfully run reports against the Datamart, you can rest assured that we’ve also included other fixes and features for those of you not in Finland.

For a full list of changes, please take a look at the release notes out on the community site.

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