On this day in 1881, in the town of Málaga, Spain, Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno de los Remedios Crispín Cipriano de la Santísima Trinidad Ruíz y Picasso (“Picasso”) was born.  With a name that long, it was no wonder that he would be destined for greatness.  In his 91 years of life, it is estimated that Picasso produced about 13,500 paintings, 100,000 prints and engravings, 34,000 book illustrations and 300 sculptures.

With any body of work as prolific as Picasso’s it’s only natural that some works would be considered more important and meaningful than others.  Regardless, with each work he created, there is no doubt that there was an emotion to be elicited and a message to be conveyed.

This is similar to the new Datamart ETL status functionality that we’ve introduced to Analytics in this past weekend’s point release.  With its text it informs you that the Datamart loader is running.  Its cool green status indicator calms you with the knowledge that the Datamart loader will soon complete and provide you with an updated view of the data you are requesting.  And while this message may not be as engaging as Picasso’s famous 1905 painting titled “Family of Saltimbanques,” we like to think that in its own way, it’s just as timeless and valuable.

For a complete list of all the other features and fixes, take a look at the full release notes on the Community Site:


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    • Udayakumar.Sethu

      I would like to know how VersionOne integrate the Package Implementations especially SAP. I would like to know specifically the integrations with Change Management (RevTrack) & Source Code Management in SAP. Please provide your insights. Thanks in advance!

    • Ian Buchanan

      Interesting question. Generally, we list our integrations in the application catalog. I have not posted anything specific for SAP. I don’t know enough about SAP’s products to offer specific advice, but you might find some of the existing integrations as good starting points for building your own custom integrations. For example, you might fork the
      VersionOne Integration for Git. If you want a jump start on getting started, I also recommend getting in touch with our technical services who can jump start your development effort with mentoring or do a custom integration project for you.

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