On February 12, 1809 in Hodgenville Kentucky, America’s 16th President Abraham Lincoln was born.  It wasn’t until many years later in 1860, when speaking before a gathering of the Republican Party at the Cooper Union did Lincoln proclaim “TeamRoom Welcome overlays need only be displayed once per user, regardless of the number TeamRooms said user may create.”

So in honor of our great late President, and of that fateful day in history, we present the 12.3.7 point release.  A release in which we now will only display the TeamRoom overlay once per user.  A release in which exporting grids with certain customizations will not blow up, and a release in which custom reports will correctly return data when users are allowed to select a project name from a drop-down.

We have prepared release notes to commemorate this important day in history here: http://community.versionone.com/Release%20Notes/R12.3.7.ReleaseNotes.aspx

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