Is it possible to maintain a healthy and productive long-distance relationship? Does out of sight lead to out of mind in your world? Do you find your eyes and hands wandering when your partner is not right beside you? (Get your minds out of the gutter for just a second….I’m talking about pair programming, not the other thing.)

Wouldn’t it be nice to have constant communication with your partner? Is this even possible within an agile ALM tool?

YES MY FRIENDS, IT IS! Take a look at VersionOne’s new Collaboration feature called CONVERSATIONS!

Conversations is a collaboration tool that helps teams keep moving forward by having instant communication with one another. Considered a “people-centric” feature, conversations also allows for “mentions” to assets and other members within VersionOne. Whether you are considering what beverage to go for after work, or communicating with your Product Owner, conversations is going to keep all interested parties in the loop!

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