With the launch of our Summer release comes several of the most popular enhancement requests.  Teams can now (finally!) print your story cards.  Yes, you no longer have to manually transcribe information from VersionOne to your cards any more.  And not only are they printable, cards even include scannable QR Codes that link directly back to the URL to view additional details.  Within the system, you can also customize the information displayed on story cards to see different attributes like estimate, owner, progress, project name, or even any custom field.  Try that with your grandmother’s whiteboard and sticky notes.

Other new features in our Enterprise and Ultimate Editions include the ability to associate Defects directly to Epics – one of our most requested features, even more so than printing cards.  You can also now display a way cool Epic bubble chart to help in visually prioritizing and tracking your Epics.

For more information on the details of the release, please take a look at our Release Notes.  If you just want to watch a quick video overview of this release, click Here.

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