markerI love it when you attend a conference and one of those super-talented infographic artists is there creating a gigantic illustration of the talks with fat, colorful markers and an easel. How do they do this? It’s so cool. What an awesome way to learn!

One of these infographic artists was at last week’s Agile Singapore 2014 Conference to help people visually learn about topics such as agile and lean practices, the agile mindset, DevOps, scaling agile methods including Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe™) and LeSS, and much more! Lynne Cazaly, the infographic artist at the show, even did a workshop on learning through visual thinking.

This week InfoQ published some of Lynne’s art covering the Agile Singapore sessions. We were pleased to have sent Lee Cunningham, who presented on the organizational transition to agile development and some enterprise case studies of successfully scaling agile.

If you haven’t seen the infographics yet, check them out in InfoQ’s wrapup of Agile Singapore 2014. InfoQ will also post recordings of the sessions and Q&A articles there soon.

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