Agile development might have gotten away from itself. Five years ago, agile was a very development- and developer-centric phenomenon. But the pendulum has swung over to management with a capital ‘M.’ Agile tools have become heavily focused on enterprise visibility and actionability geared toward managers and stakeholders. SD Times addresses the interesting question, “Does this detract from an agile team’s ability to work in a responsive way?” It’s “people over processes and tools,” reminds SD Times Editor-in-Chief David Rubinstein in his latest article, which explains¬†why organizations should give TeamRoom a closer look.

Baked in to our latest release, VersionOne TeamRoom takes a step back to focus on the team. It’s a¬†scaled-down, lighter-weight version of our software that meets developer needs first and foremost, while still providing insights for project managers and data managers.

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