Yesterday we had the privilege of hosting Len Lagestee at for our latest in the series, “How Customers Use VersionOne.” In this webinar series, customers like Wells Fargo, Kelley Blue Book and Sage Business Solutions retrace their organizations’ journeys to agile development – the ups, the downs, and the before- and after-stories of how they’ve successfully implemented VersionOne to simplify their adoption of agile.

Attendance was outstanding and the questions overflowed. Many went unanswered, simply because – well – the content was so damn good, we ran out of time! Special thanks to Len for taking the time this morning to answer some of those overflow questions in a post today at

If you have a few minutes, I encourage you to go check it out. Len provides answers to some key issues facing today’s agile development teams:

  • Ideal ScrumMaster-to-team ratio?
  • In-house installation or SaaS implementation?
  • Timeframe?
  • Is an agile coach beneficial to the transition?

You can also check out the recording from yesterday’s webinar with, now available here: