If there were 10 commandments of agile, certainly one of them would be to keep teams small and cross-functional. When you do so, you get everyone on the agile software development team (testers, programmers, product owner, documentation specialists and business peeps) working in beautiful harmony.

Agile teams who pull this off are more likely to properly define customer needs, overcome changing requirements, and reduce the number of defects found in testing.

How do you get these groups into a rhythm of agile software development? It’s an art – very similar to the art of making music, says Steve Ropa, author of a new CM Crossroads article, “Making Beautiful Music – The Art of Small Teams.” In it Steve discusses:

  • What roles are important to agile development teams?
  • How do agile development teams work and interact?
  • How do small agile teams make it easier to manage changing customer requirements?
  • What’s velocity got to do with it?

In case you missed it, check out the article. It’s well worth the read.