standup Everyday at 10 am EST, the VersionOne development team gathers together for our daily stand-up.  As a way of ensuring that everyone remembers and gathers on time, we have been utilizing some sort of musical alarm for years.  At first it was just a simple windows batch file, programmed to play a specific .mp3 or youtube video at a specific time via Windows Scheduler.  Overtime this has evolved and now thanks to Greg (one of the devs on our team) we have a cool little app that plays songs at random from a Spotify Playlist. standup jukebox While the random selection of songs has made gathering for stand-up all the more fun as we’re never quite sure what song we’ll be hearing on any given morning, it is still limited to playing from a playlist that is curated by us.  This is where you all come in.  We would like to invite you, John and Jane Q. Public, to help curate our stand-up playlist.  What songs do you think would make a good “Call to Stand-up”?  Rock, Pop, Rap, Country or Classical…  Whatever genre floats your boat.  We’re game if you are.

Ok, so here’s how it’s all going to work…

Step 1:  If you haven’t already, sign up for Spotify.

Step 2: Copy the following uri and paste it into the Spotify search and hit enter.



Step 3: Follow the playlist.

Step 4: Add music to the playlist.

Step 5:  Follow @versionone on Twitter as we’ll start tweeting out the stand-up song of the day, including the Spotify handle of whoever was responsible for queuing up that particular selection.


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