Of course you do!  Many of our customers send us feature requests regularly.  Some come in through support and others make their way into product management via a sales rep or services consultant.

The really canny customers post them on IdeaSpace (a capability included with VersionOne Ultimate Edition.)  That way, they’re able to build momentum for their ideas by getting other customers to wiegh in, comment and vote for them.

You are our most important source of input, whether it’s creating a new idea, lending your support to other ideas, or helping gain momentum for consideration in upcoming releases.

Help us make VersionOne better for you – take the time to submit or refine an idea.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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    • Rene R

      I definitely like your IdeaSpace and have voted on many ideas and submitted quite a few myself. It would be helpful though if you guys took the time to mark things as “planned” and then “completed”, so people see their ideas are used and integrated into the product. There are a lot of very old ideas with high number of votes out there, but from what the user can tell, nothing is happening with them. Some may think “Why contribute if things aren’t going anywhere and V1 is not visible adopting ideas?”
      The more people see you guys use customer ideas, the more motivated will they be to contribute….

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