We recently interviewed Kel Koenig, release train engineer, at Dean Health Plan to find out why the organization selected VersionOne and the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) to accelerate its agile transformation and achieve its business goals.

In the video below, Koenig talks about how the company is increasing IT throughput, improving software quality, and increasing collaboration with their business partners.


  • Accelerated agile transformation
  • Increased IT throughput
  • Improved software quality
  • Better collaboration with business partners


Dean Health Plan, one of the largest integrated health care systems in the U.S., needed to improve the efficiency of IT and decrease the amount of time they were spending designing upfront requirements. The company decided that the SAFe provided them the best opportunity to successfully meet these goals. As Dean Health Plan began their agile transformation, they also realized that they needed an enterprise agile platform that supported SAFe.


After an extensive evaluation Dean Health Plan chose the VersionOne Enterprise Agile Platform. The organization decided that the combination of SAFe and VersionOne provided the best opportunity to increase the throughput in IT, improve the quality of their software, and increase collaboration with their business partners. In addition to extensive SAFe support, VersionOne was selected for its outstanding customer service, and ease of use to help their teams with the transition.

“The combination of SAFe and VersionOne provided the best opportunity to help us reach our business goals.”

Kel Koenig
Release Train Engineer
Dean Health Plan


Six months after transitioning to SAFe and VersionOne, Dean Health Plan increased collaboration across their organization. Business partners began participating in program increment planning and sprint planning. Teams started receiving more feedback during sprint demos that occur on a biweekly basis, and the IT teams began collaborating more within the teams and amongst the different teams.

“The VersionOne partnership has been very helpful with our SAFe implementation. The company has always been very responsive to any questions we have on the product,” said Koenig. “We’ve also been working with one of VersionOne’s partners, ICON Consulting, to help us with the enterprise transformation that’s been going on at Dean Health Plan.”

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