At an Agile On Deck event, we had the opportunity to interview Scott Madden, senior director, product operations at ABB Enterprise Software, to find out why the organization selected VersionOne Ultimate edition.

In the video below, Scott talks about how they increased on-time delivery to 91%, decreased the defect backlog 40%, and decreased defects released to the customers 30%.


  • ABB transitioned 800 team members to a single enterprise agile platform and agile methodology in seven weeks
  • On-time delivery has increased to 91%
  • Defect backlog has decreased 40%
  • Defects released to customers has decreased 30%


ABB is a world leader in electrical engineering comprised of nine separate business units. Each of ABB’s business units was run by a product manager who had their own processes, architecture, and tools. Management was manually collecting and consolidating spreadsheets from disparate teams all around the world. In addition, ABB’s siloed product management organizations made visibility into the progress of the entire enterprise portfolio extremely difficult. The senior leadership team recognized that they needed more visibility across the nine business units to improve on-time delivery and product quality.


ABB transitioned 800 team members from using different tools and development processes to using a single enterprise agile platform and agile methodology in seven weeks. After an extensive evaluation of several leading agile solutions, ABB was confident that VersionOne provided the best combination of enterprise agile software and guidance from enterprise agile transformation experts to help them go from multiple teams with different methodologies and ways of reporting to a single system that brought them all together.


Since ABB implemented VersionOne, the defect backlog has decreased 40%, defects released to customers have decreased 30%, and on-time delivery has increased to 91%. VersionOne gives the ABB leadership team get greater visibility to see how individual teams are progressing. Before implementing VersionOne, it was nearly impossible to track quality on a team-by-team basis. But now ABB is able to help individual teams continually improve quality and accelerate delivery within the context of the enterprise portfolio.

According to Madden, “VersionOne is not just a vendor. They are a partner. From implementation all the way through the life of our relationship with VersionOne, I believe it will be a world-class experience.”

Please visit VersionOne’s YouTube page for more video interviews.


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