“If you do that, you’re NOT

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      • Mike McLaughlin

        Couldn’t agree more, Brian. Frameworks are guidelines, not strict rules and procedures that if not followed, get you called to the carpet. At the end of the day, iterative delivery of valuable, quality products is what reigns supreme.

      • Randy Roosekrans

        Great points. Most of our Scrum meetings/ceremonies end within a few minutes of the time-boxed schedule, whereas others might finish early or run long. As the Scrum Master, I’m okay with either result as long as the time is being used productively. For the meetings that run over the given time, the determining factor is whether or not there is more value in a longer discussion at that moment vs. returning to work to address immediate needs.

      • Alex

        Dave Thomas told that agile is killing because the people thing agile is magic and the commercial people nos is interesting at sell all it. Many business are trying to link scrum with cmmi not just for be agile and add value for the vision rather by make money thought hours at consulting. Agile is dangerous deformed.

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