Last week we had the opportunity to have one of our best customers, EMC, present their agile transformation story to a group of IT and software directors and executives in Boston. The event was a great success for VersionOne and we would personally like to thank both Dennis Gautreau and Michael Virgil with EMC for taking the time to tell their agile story. Several of the more entertaining and insightful points included:

  • Agile success requires a “stubborn patience” from its leaders
  • Their requirements gathering strategy was referred to as “just enough, just in time” – love the phrase
  • The most successful agile adoptions in EMC embraced an All In plan – vision, leadership, team and an explicit commitment to learning and improving
  • Cross-functional buy-in is critical – program management, QA, development, project management, release management, everyone
  • Yes, there will be failures
  • Change is hard!

There were many more great ideas and experiences shared with respect to their adoption of Scrum, agile project management, agile tools and cultural challenges and recommendations.

Dennis and Michael, thank you again!

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