A new pony, iPad, or driver would be great, but let’s keep jolly old Saint Nick focused on agile.

I’ve interacted with companies large and small, and people from entry-level to the executive ranks about their agile intentions.

Here are the Top 5 ‘Agile Adoption’ ideas that I’d like companies to consider in 2012 (let’s call it an early Christmas present):

  1. Start small. Agile methodology doesn’t need to be a scary, hairy, intimidating concept. Change is hard; yet there’s a way to start with one project today.
  2. Ask around. More than likely there’s a colleague in your office who has practiced scrum or Kanban in his/her professional career. Ask that person how he or she got started.
  3. Understand that ‘lack of control’ is a myth. If done right, agile adoption brings you, your team and your organization unparalleled visibility and transparency. Agile is not the Wild, Wild West. There are rules and best practices.
  4. Team first. Your teams will like the collaborative, communicative culture that agile introduces. With everyone ‘in the loop,’ you’ll see high levels of performance.
  5. Fail fast. Agile methodology, or any process for that matter, DOES NOT encourage failure. Agile does, however, allow the team to iterate and get to the best way to solve a problem, while learning from those paths that don’t meet objectives.

If you or anyone you know has an interest in starting an agile team or raising an existing initiative to a different level, seek out VersionOne. We can help.

Happy New Year!!

Yours in agile,

Dan Naden


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    • Ed Hill

      I think Start Small is the best point you make. Too many people try to do everything at once, making the process too difficult. Keeping things simple in the beginning makes you more likely to succeed.

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